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PVC is the material of choice for pipe projects in Wilmington, Delaware. It is ideal for water supply, drainage, sewage, electrical conduits, irrigation, chemical conveyance, and so much more. PVC is the perfect material for pipe supply Wilmington, De.

Get Top-Quality Plumbing Supply Wilmington, DE

Pipe Xpress, Inc. is the best company for PVC pipe plumbing supply Wilmington, DE. We make it simple to get everything you need for a new pipe system – or a repair in one place.

We have a large stock of PVC plumbing fixtures, valves, and fittings for any intended usage readily available with options for in-person shopping, pickup, and local delivery to Wilmington and many nearby locations.

Search our website for the pipe you need or call us at 610-918-7120 for additional help. We are the largest distributor of plumbing fixtures and pipe supply Wilmington, DE.

pipe supply wilmington de

About Our Range of PVC Pipe Supply Wilmington DE

pipe supply wilmington de - Pipe Xpress Inc.There are many reasons PVC has superseded metals and clays in piping. It is a strong material, able to carry reactive chemicals and be in contact with minerals underground without decaying. It can also withstand physical impact. Functionally, PVC yields a smooth bore that has a high flow capacity.

But the true benefit of PVC pipe for many projects is the ease of installation. PVC is lightweight and it does not require heavy-duty equipment or special experience to install. This means that the average pipe layout installation requires only limited manpower, goes quickly, and is affordable.

We supply PVC pipes for a range of products with our most in demand types including:

  • Schedule 40 PVC Pipe – The ultimate pipe for low flow applications, Sch 40 PVC pipe is a rigid thermoplastic pipe that can handle pressures between 150 and 600 PSI depending on the pipe dimensions and the fluid temperature.
    • These applications include most residential plumbing, pools and spas, landscape irrigation, and some commercial or industrial piping.
  • Schedule 80 PVC Pipe – When fluid processing involves high pressure flows, Sch 80 PVC pipe should be used in place of Sch 40.
    • Although similar in sizing and low weight, this pipe uses a thicker wall to support pressures up to 850 PSI in the smallest pipes. This is the best pipe for industrial applications and busy commercial properties.
  • Gravity Sewer Pipe – SDR 35 PVC pipe is an easily installed and long lasting drainage pipe. It can tie into existing lines of many materials, making upgrading a damaged pipe or building a new system relatively simple.
    • SDR 35 pipe is specifically designed to prevent leakage of harmful sewage or waste products even after years of usage.
  • Flexible PVC Pipe – Another option for low flow applications, flexible PVC pipe can bend, letting you go around corners without joining two straight pipes.
    • This reduces the space needed for fittings and access during installation, letting you use PVC pipe in locations where it otherwise would not fit.

We carry each of these pipes in a variety of diameters, lengths, and pressure ratings. On certain pipes, you also have options for alternative colors, end styles, and installation options – gaskets or solvent weld.

While we have attempted to stock all of the pipes your project could need, we are generally able to source specialty pipes if you need something we do not carry. We also carry pipes made for water heaters.

Pipes, Fittings, Valves, and More

Along with pipes, you can complete your project with Pipe Xpress with our selection of piping components and lighting products.

We offer:

  • PVC Fittings – We sell fittings for assembling new pipe layouts and repairing a damaged PVC system. Some options include waste fittings, barbed fittings, adaptor fittings, caps, and more.
  • PVC Valves – We offer check valves, two way valves, ball valves, globe valves, and others to control fluid flow for daily operations, testing, or repairs.
  • Tools and Accessories – We have the other items your project will need from start to finish including hand saws, pumps, tanks, and PVC cements and solvents.

We also sell a range of pipes, fittings, and valves in related materials such as CPVC and HDPE if your project has specific requirements beyond what PVC pipe can provide.

Why Wilmington Customers Use Pipe Xpress as Their PVC Pipe Supplier

When your project needs PVC pipe, you want the right pipe, a high-quality product, and fast delivery.

At Pipe Xpress, because of our strong reputation and focus on service, we meet all these needs through:

  • Top Brands – Our business partner brands include JM Eagle, Spears Manufacturing, and Zurn. These brands are known for their consistent quality and their ability to last for years.
  • Accuracy – We take care with every order we process. Whether you are ordering a single item or hundreds of pipes, we double check each order before we send it out.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Each member of our team has worked in the piping industry for decades. We can answer questions, provide recommendations, and address any concerns when you contact us.

Another key part of our service is our local delivery within 45 miles of West Chester. Our team can assemble your order and bring it directly to your job site in Wilmington or a nearby city, letting you continue repair without interruption.

We also offer local pickup for those who prefer to collect their order from our location in West Chester.

Start your order for PVC pipes and accessories on our website today or call us at 610-918-7120 if you need any assistance in choosing the materials for your project.

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