Philadelphia Plumbing Supply - Pipe Delivery

PVC Pipes with Rapid Delivery in Philadelphia

Pipe Xpress Inc. is the leading Philadelphia PVC pipe and pipe supply company. We have every possible product you need to manage your plumbing project across all industries, from plumbing to electrical to landscaping and beyond.

Each one of our pipes and pipe installation accessories is made by only the most highly respected brands in the field, and available at prices that are more competitive than other establishments in the Philadelphia area.

Because we’re a local company, Pipe Xpress Inc. is available for both pickup and on-site delivery, ensuring that you can continue to focus on your work while we handle the drop-off and care needs. We have knowledgeable team members that can help you. Anything from plumbing fixtures to heating supplies, we got you!

Please explore our inventory online, or contact us at (610)-918-7120 if there is a type of pipe you need or if you would like additional help for your project. Our inventory is online for a hassle free experience.

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