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We are the #1 plumber supply Kennett square PA company – Pipe Xpress Inc. offers you a single location in Kennett Square to find PVC pipe, PVC components, and the tools and accessories needed for any application.

We are the Kennett Square pipe supply company you can rely on for affordable plumbing, irrigation, sewage processing, and more options.

Since we are local, we also make getting your pipes, valves, and other items more convenient. Order online and pick them up in-store or take advantage of our local delivery to Kennett Square to get your PVC pipes quickly.

Start by browsing our website or contacting us at 610-918-7120 to learn more about our pipe inventory to experience our professional service.

Our PVC Pipe Inventory for Kennett Square

PVC pipe is replacing other piping materials in a variety of projects. Its durability, non-reactivity with the majority of fluid chemicals, high capacity flow, and affordability are some of its many advantages over these other materials.

With our various options for pressure rating and features, you can use our PVC pipes for almost any purpose.

On our website, we offer:

  • Schedule 40 PVC – This pipe is rated for lower-pressure applications, often residential plumbing and irrigation in landscaping. However, it is suitable for above-ground or underground applications with lower pressure. It can also handle a range of temperatures up to 140 degrees.
  • Schedule 80 PVC – Schedule 80 pipe uses thicker walls to increase the pressure rating, making this the ideal pipe for uses where Schedule 40 is insufficient. The thicker walls also enable Schedule 80 PVC to withstand greater physical impact. These benefits are in addition to the advantages provided by all PVC.
  • Flexible PVC – With all the benefits of rigid PVC and none of the space limitations required by fittings, flexible PVC pipe enables the use of PVC in most locations. It is especially popular in pool and spa applications, where the flexible design enables a fast and affordable installation. It can also be connected to a larger pipe layout of rigid PVC.
  • SDR 35 PVC – This pipe is most commonly used for domestic sewage, but its durable nature enables it to be used in some industrial settings and for storm drainage as well. A gravity elimination system often connects the building drainage to the disposal point as the main sewer line.

In addition to the pressure rating, each type of piping is available in various dimensions. We have different lengths, interior dimensions, plain ends, bell ends, and more to help customize the piping your need for a project.

Pipe Xpress is one of the local businesses you can trust for all your plumbing supplies needs. All the content displayed on our website is what you get exactly.

Valves, Fittings, and Other Products We Offer

While pipes are the basis for the majority of our customers’ projects, there are a number of components and accessories that you will need to finish the work.

From joining pipes in a layout to controlling the fluid flow, we supply the additional pipes, tubing, bar stock, hoses, pumps, and other items needed for residential, commercial, and industrial pipe applications.

We also provide the valves and fittings to match all of the pipes we offer.

Among our valve selection, we carry:

  • Butterfly Valves
  • Two Way Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Jandy Check Valves
  • and More

We also have a range of fittings in stock for every application, including:

  • Compression Fittings
  • Plumbing Fittings
  • Barbed Fittings
  • Waste Fittings and Others

All of our valves and fittings come in a variety of dimensions and materials, including PVC, CPVC, copper, and more. Between our inventory of piping and components, we have everything you need to complete your project. Call our customer support team to check availability if you can’t find what you need.

Why Choose Pipe Xpress Inc. For Your Plumbing Supplies

We can supply most all your plumbing needs for your projects. We have already served various industries in the area. Our affordable pricing and durable products make us reliable.

Pipe Xpress Inc. offers an extensive selection of plumbing supplies catering to both residential and commercial projects. From pipes and fittings to valves, faucets, and more, we have a comprehensive inventory that can meet diverse plumbing requirements.

You can expect our pipes to do an excellent job for your project.

Place Your Order with Pipe Xpress Through Our Website Today

Pipe Xpress began with the idea of bridging the gap between pipe manufacturers and the customer. We wanted to make it possible for our local Kennett Square customers to find the pipes they need for landscaping, plumbing, construction, and industrial purposes at reasonable prices.

We have been providing pipes and PVC components to our customers around West Chester since 2001, and our website now makes ordering the pipes you need more convenient than ever.

Our extensive inventory gives you direct access to PVC pipes from leading brands like JM Eagle, Zurn, and Spears Manufacturing in a variety of sizes, pressure ratings, and materials while we guarantee:

  • Fair Prices – Pricing on our PVC pipes and components is among the most competitive in the area. Combined with PVC’s standard low costs, we make it possible to complete any project reasonably priced.
  • High Quality – The manufacturers we stock make pipes that last for years, withstand wear and tear, are designed for smooth flow, and meet all standards for PVC pipes so that you can install them without worrying about safety or longevity.
  • Local Delivery – We can deliver your order directly to your site in Kennett Square while you focus on your work. For those who need their order even sooner, you can also stop by our local store to pick up your piping order.

We also offer personalized service and assistance with your order. While our online eCommerce site makes it simple to find and order the pipes for your project, we know that some of our customers have questions, special orders, or are unsure about which pipe is right for their needs.

That is why you can call us anytime during business hours for one-on-one assistance with a knowledgeable team member about all of the pipes we sell and their applications.

When you order through our website at Pipe Xpress Inc., we can have your order ready for pick up, local delivery, or shipping fast so that you can get the PVC pipes you need anywhere in Kennett Square as soon as possible.

You can also call us at 610-918-7120 at any time to get assistance or answers to any of your questions from the #1 plumber supply Kennett Square PA.

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