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PVC Pipes in Glen Mills, PA from Pipe Xpress

When your project needs PVC pipes, you need a supplier who can provide all the pipes you need quickly, accurately, and affordably. Pipe Xpress is that supplier in Glen Mills. We are the leading local provider of pipes, PVC fittings, and PVC valves with an expansive selection at competitive prices.

We are also able to get pipes to you quickly. We have local delivery to job sites in Glen Mills, in-store pickup, or rapid shipping to your location.

See our inventory here on our website or give us a call at 610-918-7120 to get one on one assistance in finding the pipes you need.

About Our Online PVC Pipe Inventory

PVC pipe has become the most popular type of piping across industries in Glen Mills. From residential to commercial to industrial settings, PVC pipe provides many advantages over other materials. It has a high pressure rating and will not warp under high temperatures. PVC is also non-corrosive, meaning it can be buried underground or transport chemicals without any degradation.

Electricians, plumbers, contractors, and landscapers are also switching almost entirely to PVC pipes because they are more affordable, representing one of the most cost effective options on the market with all their benefits. They are also easy to install, requiring few tools and no additional labor.

With so many uses for PVC pipe, it is important to choose the right kind for your needs.

We offer all of the following at Pipe Xpress:

  • Sch 40 PVC Pipe – Schedule 40 PVC pipe is the most in demand of our piping options. It is affordable, versatile, and lightweight. Although it has the lowest pressure rating of the PVC pipes we offer, it is still strong enough to manage the majority of residential applications and landscaping irrigation.
  • Sch 80 PVC Pipe – Schedule 80 PVC pipe uses the same nominal measurements of Schedule 40 pipe with thicker walls to increase the pressure rating. This higher pressure capacity makes Schedule 80 PVC ideal for industrial and larger scale commercial uses. We have Schedule 80 PVC and the corresponding fittings in all sizes necessary for local projects.
  • SDR 35 PVC Pipe – Also called gravity sewer pipe due to its most common usage in sewer systems, this pipe can also be used for transporting industrial waste. Installation is typically done with the built-in gaskets rather than cement so that the pipe system remains free of leaks regardless of time and any shifting.
  • Flexible PVC Pipe – While standard thermoplastic pipes are rigid when at operating temperature, flexible PVC uses a helix design to create a bendable pipe. You can fit this pipe into corners and spaces that are impossible to work in with rigid pipe. Since no fittings or PVC cement are necessary to join pipes, the installation is also a much faster process.

You can further customize the PVC pipe you order for your project from the various lengths, thicknesses, end shapes – and even colors in some cases. This makes it possible to get exactly the pipe your project requires.

Other Pipes, Tools, and Accessories Available

PVC pipes are at the foundation of our inventory, but we also provide the other elements plumbers, landscapers, contractors, and other industry professionals need to complete their projects including:

  • CPVC Pipes
  • Valves
  • Fittings
  • Hoses and Tubing
  • Pumps
  • Drainage Equipment
  • Geotextiles, and More

We also have a range of copper fittings and accessories available as well as the PVC options. Whether you are laying new pipe or repairing or replacing existing pipe, our range of tools and equipment will provide all of the options you need for your specific job.

Order Your Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Piping from Pipe Xpress Inc.

Pipe Xpress provides an extensive range of PVC pipes through our website which enables us to sell pipes nationwide. It also makes it possible for us to offer convenient service to our local customers in Glen Mills.

We encourage local customers to browse our website for the pipes they need, all offered with:

  • Leading Quality – In our online inventory, you will find pipes made by Zurn, JM Eagle, and Spears Manufacturing, all known as high quality brands. PVC is already a durable and versatile material, and these brands represent the top choices in PVC pipes.
  • Affordable Prices – We keep our prices low by providing PVC piping directly from the manufacturer to you, eliminating the markups you might find from other stores without sacrificing quality or selection.
  • Fast Delivery – We are a local company and offer local Glen Mills delivery or pickup to our area customers. Essentially, you choose the pipes you need and we’ll manage getting them to your job site quickly so you can stay focused on the work.

Our dependable service is why Pipe Xpress is the supplier of choice in Glen Mills across most industries. We regularly provide pipes to landscapers, plumbers, contractors, and pool designers, but also to those who need reliable PVC piping for industrial applications.

Another component of our service is personalized assistance when you need it. Our team has been providing PVC pipes to a range of customers since 2001. We know the advantages, uses, and specifications of the pipes we carry better than most and are happy to help you choose the right pipes and fittings for your project whenever you call us.

Browse our website today to find more pipe information, or contact us if you need personalized support.

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