PVC Pipes in Cherry Hill, NJ

PVC Pipes in Cherry Hill, NJ from Pipe Xpress

Pipe Xpress, Inc. is the number one pipe supply company for Cherry Hill. With over 20 years of experience in providing PVC pipes, valves, and fittings, we have assembled an expansive inventory of high quality PVC pipes at affordable prices.

With an online website to easily find the pipes for your project, fast local delivery and pickup, and an expert team who has worked with PVC piping for decades, we have everything you need to complete a job quickly and without hassle.

Start your order on our site or call us for additional assistance at 610-918-7120.

Our PVC Pipe Inventory

For pipes at new properties and for new projects, PVC is the preferred material in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It also works for updating deteriorating metal and clay pipes at existing properties.

Our customers choose PVC for its durability both above and below ground, fast installation, and inexpensive price. It provides a high capacity flow that works well for sewage, irrigation, water supply systems, and chemical processing and will last for decades without needing replacement.

Types of PVC pipe we carry include:

  • Schedule 40 PVC – Sch 40 PVC pipe has a low pressure rating that is enough to handle almost every residential plumbing need and irrigation systems at many properties. Although it is designated for low flow applications, it is still strong, lightweight, and one of the most widely used PVC pipes.
  • Schedule 80 PVC – Sch 80 pipe uses a thicker wall to provide a higher pressure rating. Projects that need Schedule 80 PVC pipe include commercial plumbing systems, industrial applications, and large scale agriculture. The thick wall of this pipe is also better able to withstand a physical impact if the pipe is installed above ground.
  • Flexible PVC – Flexible PVC pipe can be bent and manipulated because of its helix design. This makes it easy to fit it around corners without connecting two rigid pipes via a fitting, or to thread it into an area that you cannot physically reach. The flexibility is an added advantage on top of the durability and capacity of traditional PVC.
  • SDR 35 Sewer Pipe – For residential and commercial sewer systems as well as some industrial waste, SDR 35 PVC pipe is a long lasting solution for demanding applications. It provides a smooth flow, will not corrode when in contact with sewage, and can last for decades. Our sewer pipe is also available with gasket ends to provide easy installation and a leakproof seal.

We also sell HDPE pipes, CPVC pipes, and other materials required for specialty projects. While PVC pipe is ideal for a majority of applications, these alternatives provide options for projects where PVC cannot handle the expected temperature, pressure, or transported material.

Tools and Accessories for Your Pipe Project

Pipe Xpress is also the one place to get the additional items you need to complete a pipe layout or repair existing PVC pipe.

We offer components like:

  • Valves – We have valves for a variety of systems with options that include butterfly valves, check valves, gate valves, globe valves, and more.
  • Fittings – You can order the connectors, couplings, adaptors, caps, plugs, and other fittings directly from our site with a range of options to fit your pipes’ pressure ratings.
  • Accessories – We also have pumps, tanks, grates, hoses, copper tubing, and the other items you need from start to finish on your project.

A benefit of PVC pipe is that it requires no special tools to cut pipe or install it, but you may still need saws, PVC cement, and other items. We offer all of the tools you might need for your project on our website as well.

Why Pipe Xpress Is the Best Pipe Supplier in Cherry Hill

When it comes to installing new pipe or upgrading old pipe, you depend on high quality materials to do the job right for your client or your property. Our goal at Pipe Xpress, Inc. is to provide the PVC pipe and components you need to do the job right.

We stock only brands of dependable quality like JM Eagle and Spears Manufacturing. We also carry a wide variety of pipes so that you never have to substitute a less suitable pipe.

This enables us to provide PVC pipes for:

  • Landscapers
  • Plumbers
  • Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Municipalities, and More

There is no order too big or too small for us. With our inventory, our operations team can quickly complete orders for hundreds of feet of pipe.

We then have your order ready for pickup at our West Chester location or local delivery right to your job site anywhere in Cherry Hill. Our local PVC pipe delivery is the best way to get the pipes you need fast and without delaying your project.

Find all the PVC pipes, fittings, and valves you need right here on our website and get your order started.

You can also call our team at 610-918-7120 to place an order over the phone or get professional help with your PVC piping needs.

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