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We at Pipe Xpress Inc is the #1 plumbing supply Bryn Mawr PA Company. Our range of PVC pipes and fittings makes it possible to get exactly what you need for your project whether you need a solution for all kinds of plumbing services, landscaping, electrical cables, sewage, agriculture, and more.

Based locally, we also make it easy to get PVC pipe near Bryn Mawr quickly and affordably. This is the reason why local plumbers use our product for their plumbing problems.

We encourage you to browse our website to view our extensive inventory but are also available over the phone at 610-918-7120 for specific questions or to help you determine which products are best for your intended application.

Types of Pipes Available for Sale on Our Website

Thermoplastic PVC pipes are an alternative to metals, clays, and other materials in pipe manufacturing, but one that offers significant benefits in fluid conveyance. The PVC is non-reactive and physically durable, meaning it will not decay underground, when conveying chemicals or corrosive sewage, or in demanding environments.

PVC can also handle fluids at temperatures up to 140 degrees with pressure rating options designed for any potential product.

Our range of PVC pipes for residential, commercial, and industrial uses includes:

  • Schedule 40 PVC Pipes – The standard pipe for residential plumbing and landscape irrigation, Schedule 40 pipe is rated for low pressure, although with a high enough rating to handle the majority of fluid transport. Schedule 40 PVC is often white, although we carry some sizes in black as well.
  • Schedule 80 PVC Pipes – Schedule 80 pipe has a higher pressure rating due to thicker walls, making it a still inexpensive alternative for almost all other projects. The thicker walls also give it an advantage if it will be subject to physical handling. To distinguish it from Schedule 40 PVC, Schedule 80 pipe is typically grey.
  • Flexible PVC Pipes – Our flexible PVC pipes offer superior convenience in installation. When a space is too small to fit an elbow, flexible PVC enables you to traverse a corner without the joint. The flexible PVC pipe bends easily so that you can complete a single layout from a continuous length of pipe. You can use this pipe in any low pressure setting, and it is becoming increasingly popular for pool and spa installations.
  • SDR 35 PVC Pipes – This pipe is ideal for sewage and drainage. It can be used as the sewer mainline for an individual property with the capacity for residential or commercial settings, or it can be used in waste treatment due to its high capacity and pressure rating. SDR 35 pipe is light green in color.

For each of these pipes, we have an array of dimensions, lengths, and other features where applicable all immediately available for order on our website. We can also often source more specialized PVC piping when needed if you do not find what you are looking for on our website.

Simply give us a call to inquire about the product you need and we can point you in the right direction.

Other PVC Materials We Supply

In addition to a wide variety of Schedule 40, Schedule 80, and SDR 35 PVC pipes, we also carry a range of high quality supplemental items for constructing a piping layout.

These include:

  • PVC Valves
  • PVC Fittings
  • CPVC Pipes
  • Pumps, Tanks, and Other Accessories

We also have many of the tools needed for PVC pipe installation and layout assembly. With our combination of products and piping, we make it possible to complete any project on time and within budget.

Choose Pipe Xpress for PVC Pipes and Fittings

Pipe Xpress is a local PVC pipe supplier in Bryn Mawr with the largest area selection of PVC piping, fittings, valves, and other components. We have sold pipes locally for years, with more than two decades of experience in supplying PVC pipes for a variety of industries.

Made by reliable brands like Spears Manufacturing, JM Eagle, and Zurn, our PVC pipe will dependably last for 50+ years in a variety of installations. The thermoplastic piping has a smooth interior for an optimal flow capacity while non-reactive PVC can handle a variety of chemicals, minerals, and physical wear without deteriorating.

This makes our PVC pipes ideal for:

  • Plumbers
  • Landscapers
  • General Contractors
  • Electricians, Pool Designers, and More

Whenever you order from Pipe Xpress, we prioritize completing your order quickly and accurately, making sure that you get the exact pipes and fittings you ordered whether through our online site or with the assistance of our team over the phone.

We also offer pickup or local delivery to our customers in Bryn Mawr and any site within 45 miles of West Chester so that we can get your pipes to you within hours or days. For those with a less urgent need, we also offer rapid delivery.

Place your order for PVC piping and materials on our website today.

We are also here to answer your questions.

To get in touch with the #1 plumbing supply Bryn Mawr PA, call us at 610-918-7120.



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