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Companies and contractors rely on the #1 plumbing supply Broomall PA company to complete their work. Pipe Xpress, Inc. is the one place to get all of the PVC pipes, components, and tools you need. Based locally, our pickup and delivery options will get you the pipes for any project fast and at reasonable prices.

Ordering PVC pipes from Pipe Xpress is as easy as contacting us via phone, visiting us in-store, or even submitting information for your order via our website.

With an expansive inventory, you can find all that you need in one place, or call our team at 610-918-7120 to get personalized help with your order.

About Our PVC Pipes

PVC has long been the top material for piping at most properties. It is naturally affordable, durable, and easy to install. In addition, PVC pipe is noncorrosive and will not react with chemicals, sewage, or minerals in the surrounding soil. It can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees and comes in a range of pressure ratings in order to adapt it to almost any project.

Our most in demand PVC pipes include:

  • Schedule 40 PVC Pipe – Sch 40 PVC pipe is rated for low flow capacity with a PSI ranging from 150 to 600 based on the nominal pipe size. It is a cost effective option for landscape irrigation, water supply, and plumbing in residential settings.
  • Schedule 80 PVC Pipe – When an application will have a higher maximum pressure, Schedule 80 PVC pipe is the solution. It has a pressure rating up to 850 PSI at standard operating temperatures, making it ideal for commercial plumbing, industry, manufacturing, and agriculture.
  • Flexible PVC Pipe – One drawback of rigid PVC pipe is that it requires joints to make a direction change. Installing these joints is not always possible in small areas. Flexible PVC eliminates the need for fittings by incorporating a double helix design that allows the pipe to bend. Flexible PVC pipe has all the same benefits as rigid PVC, and can be more quickly installed without joints and solvent.
  • PVC Drainage Pipe – Our SDR 35 PVC pipe is a top choice for gravity sewer systems where the smooth bore and nonreactive characteristics of PVC will provide a high flow capacity for years. Gasketed ends also enable easy installation and maintain a seal if the pipe shifts. We also offer drainage options for sewer systems, landscaping, and storm drains with corrugated drain pipes and perforated drain pipes.

Each of the PVC pipe types we offer are available in a range of nominal sizes and pipe lengths. Depending on the pipe, there may be options in coloring, plain or bell ends, factory-installed gaskets, and more. We can also work directly with our PVC pipe supply companies to special order pipes if we do not already have what you need in stock.

Additional PVC Products for Every Project in Broomall

An efficient pipe system needs not only quality pipes, but all the elements to connect the pipes and control the flow of liquids.

We stock a full range of PVC accessories to fit Sch 40 PVC pipes and Sch 80 PVC pipes, including:

  • PVC Fittings
  • PVC Valves
  • Tubing and Hoses
  • Tanks and Pumps
  • Tools
  • and More

In addition to all the accessories you need for PVC piping systems, we also have pipes, valves, and fittings in materials like HDPE and CPVC to complete more specialized systems.

Why Order PVC Pipes and Fittings from Pipe Xpress

Since opening Pipe Xpress in 2001, we have become the leading PVC pipe supplier in Broomall for every industry. Our inventory of pipes has options for plumbers, landscapers, general contractors, and others who need long lasting PVC pipe to fit a variety of uses. We sell PVC pipe for residential, commercial, and industrial projects and can accommodate orders of all sizes.

In addition, we also offer superior products and services with:

  • Local Delivery – We are based in Southeastern Pennsylvania and offer local delivery within 45 miles of West Chester. Our team will deliver your piping order to your worksite.
  • High Quality Brands – In our inventory, you will find trusted brands like Zurn, Spears Manufacturing, JM Eagle, and others that are known in the industry for their reliability.
  • Affordable Prices – By working directly with pipe manufacturers, we remove the expense of intermediaries and are able to pass on our savings to our customers.

We want to make it easy to get exactly the products that you need in a hurry, with all the parts right in our inventory for pickup or delivery. But we also have a team of piping experts ready to assist you with questions, custom orders, or any other needs you may have with your project.

Start your order on our website or call us directly at 610-918-7120. Let the best Plumbing Supply Broomall PA company help you get quality products.

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