PVC Fittings

Pipe Xpress Inc. is a professional company that offers some of the best PVC Fittings online. We stock a large selection of PVC fittings and pipes in various material types and styles. All our PVC fittings comply with industry standards and are well made and of excellent quality. 

PVC pipe fittings are popular and commonly used across a variety of industries. PVC is used to describe any plastic pipes or fittings that have been manufactured using polyvinyl chloride.

Pipe Xpress Inc. is a long running business located in West Chester and serving the surrounding area. We specialize in plumbing fixtures and fittings and offer PVC fittings that are suitable for various industries. Pipe Xpress Inc. serves the business-to-business market (B2B), selling high-quality components to contractors, plumbers, and landscapers.

Pipe Xpress Inc. is a locally owned and operated business, and the team prides itself on offering good quality products and competitive pricing. We also provide contractor discounts and bulk order wholesale options. If you are looking for all things plumbing – Pipe Xpress Inc. has what you need, from PVC elbows and tees to caps and inserts. We have all the types of plumbing pipes in our store. 

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