2-inch PVC pipe schedule 80

What is the 2-inch PVC pipe schedule 80?

The 2-inch PVC pipe schedule 80 is a type of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe used for various applications.

It has a thicker wall than a standard PVC pipe. It makes it ideal for higher-pressure applications. It is also more durable and can withstand higher temperatures than standard PVC pipes.

These fittings are great for chemical corrosive jobs due to their corrosion resistance.

2-inch PVC pipe schedule 80

Uses for the 2-inch PVC pipe schedule 80

This type of pipe has many application uses. It is most commonly used for industrial applications such as:

  • Chemical processing
  • Oil and gas transportation, and
  • Water treatment

It is also frequently used in construction and irrigation projects. Schedule 80 pipe is thicker than schedule 40 pipe and has a higher pressure rating.

Choosing the correct pipe sizes for your project is important, as using a pipe that is too small or too large can cause problems.

Some common uses for the 2-inch PVC pipe schedule 80 include:

  • Carrying chemicals and other liquids in industrial settings
  • Transporting oil and gas
  • Carrying water in irrigation and construction projects
  • Creating rules for swimming pools
  • Making industrial machinery

When choosing a 2-inch PVC pipe schedule 80 for your project, it is important to consider the pressure and temperature ratings.

Schedule 80 pipe can handle higher temperatures and pressures than schedule 40 pipe, making it a good choice for many industrial applications.

However, it is also important to make sure that the pipe you select is rated for the specific temperatures and pressures that will be present in your application.

Choosing the wrong pipe could result in problems such as leaks or burst pipes. You need to check also the pipe sizes range to ensure that they are fit.

Available in various materials

  • PVC
  • CPVC and
  • Polypropylene

Each material has advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right one for your particular application is important.

PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is inexpensive and easy to work with, but it is only suitable for some applications.


CPVC pipe is more expensive than PVC but can handle higher temperatures and pressures.


Polypropylene pipe is lightweight and resistant to corrosion but is not as strong as PVC or CPVC.

It is important to ensure that the 2-inch PVC pipe schedule 80 you select is rated for the specific application you have in mind.

Choosing the wrong pipe could result in serious problems. It is always better to err on the side of caution. If you need help deciding which pipe to select, consult with a professional before making your final decision.

plain end and nominal pipe size

Advantages of using the 2-inch PVC pipe schedule 80

It has great benefits of this kind of pipe, including:

  • Durability
  • Versatility and
  • Affordability

It is used in both commercial and residential. Additionally, it can be easily cut and joined together using PVC pipe fittings and connectors.

Remember to check the nominal pipe size that you need for your project. You can use it for potable water service with NSF approval.

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We Serve Various Industries

PVC Pipe Schedule 80 is generally used in industrial applications. The thicker walls give the pipe more strength in higher-pressure applications than a schedule 40 pipe.

This pipe is rated for up to 900 psi at 73 degrees Fahrenheit. It means it can handle pressure applications and serve its purpose.

We offer various fittings and accessories to complete your piping project, including:






-Drainage fittings


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The industries we serve are:

-Food and Beverage Processing

-Chemical Processing

-Oil and Gas Refining

-Power Generation

-Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Please Note: PVC Pipe Schedule 80 can only be manufactured up to 24 inches in diameter.

Anything larger must be made from another material, such as CPVC, stainless steel, or another type of pipe.

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