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Every property has a sewer system. Yet the range of pipes needed to safely transport waste on different properties is extensive. When working on a sewer installation project, it helps to have the right pipes available. 

Pipe Xpress Inc. has both the inventory and the service needed to ensure you get the right sewer pipes for your project. We have one of the largest sewer pipe selections, including different types and dimensions of PVC pipes. We also have a knowledgeable team that can provide individualized assistance alongside the convenience of online ordering, local on-site delivery, and pickup in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Pipe Xpress Inc. has the products and tools needed to finish your sewer installation or repair, and we encourage you to begin your search for PVC sewer pipes and related components here on our website or by calling us at (610) 918-7120.

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About PVC Sewer Pipe for Gravity Sewer Systems

A gravity sewer system is one that relies on a small slope in the pipes to naturally direct sewage and waste away from the property and to the collection point. Because these systems are generally low pressure, PVC pipes provide strong and long lasting solutions that will meet the needs of the sewer system for decades, all with easy installation.

Our inventory includes several different sewer pipe types, including:

  • ASTM 2729 Sewer Pipe
  • ASTM F8 10 Sewer Pipe
  • SDR 35 Sewer Pipe
  • SDR 25 Sewer Pipe
  • PS 46 Sewer Pipe 
  • PS 115 Sewer Pipe

PVC sewer pipe works for newly laid pipes, or can be made to retrofit some existing sewer lines. This is because the SDR 35 pipe connects to the majority of sewer equipment, including cast iron pipes when you use the correct adapters. 

All of our sewer pipes at Pipe Xpress meet ASTM standards for quality PVC products and safe handling of waste fluids. As these pipes are designated for use in sewage collection, manufacturers have designed them to withstand decades of service in an underground environment without risk of cracks or degradation that could pollute the surrounding area.

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Why Choose PVC Sewer Pipe for Your Project?

PVC has been the best choice in piping materials for decades, and the advantages of this thermoplastic make it especially well adapted to use in sewer systems.

That is because PVC sewer pipe is:

  • Cost-Effective – PVC is an affordable material, and pipes made from PVC are among the most cost-effective, not only for the products themselves but also the benefits and expected service life. 
  • Non-Reactive – Unlike many metals, PVC will not corrode when buried beneath soil and will not decay when exposed to acids and other elements often found in sewage.
  • Resistant to Movement – When using gasketed sewer pipes, the seal between pipes will hold despite some shifting earth, vibrations, and lines shrinking or lengthening.
  • Durable – PVC is resistant to brute force impacts and will resist breaks if the pipe is struck with a force of limited strength. This makes unexpected pipe failure less likely.
  • High Flow Capacity – Gravity sewer pipe stays smooth and has a high carrying capacity, requiring a smaller pipe and shallower grade to achieve an efficient system.

Sewer pipes manufactured from PVC are also simple to install, which usually means less labor costs. They are lightweight, with most sewer pipes weighing between 1 to 15 lbs per foot depending on width. They can often be installed by a single person or small team without the need for heavy equipment.

The installation process also requires only tools that are typically on hand for pipe cutting and connecting pipes and fittings. Many of the sewer pipes we sell are fitted with gaskets during manufacture which eliminates any need for solvents and cement when attaching pipes.

Sewer Pipe for Every Project

Almost every property has a sewage system, and so almost every property requires sewer pipes. This is true of new construction and older properties where the sewer system requires replacing or upgrading.

PVC sewer pipe has the durability and capacity to be a part of a larger system at most properties.

Its ability to connect to equipment already in place makes it straightforward to add PVC pipe at both new and existing properties, including:

  • Residential Properties – PVC sewer pipe is an inexpensive option for single family homes and multifamily residences with the capabilities to handle any domestic sewage.
  • Commercial Properties – You can use PVC sewer pipes to remove waste water and materials with solutions robust enough to handle properties of any scale.
  • Industrial Properties – In addition to sewage, PVC sewer pipes can also transport most industrial waste. This can include waste from manufacturing, chemical processing, water treatment, sewage treatment, and more.

Plumbers, developers, and contractors are some of our most frequent buyers for gravity sewer pipe, although our sewer pipe will work for most sewage and drainage needs where pressure is low.

Dimensions and Features of Our PVC Sewer Pipe

Sewer pipes manufactured from PVC are already a versatile option for your sewer line, and we offer a range of dimensions in the PVC pipes we sell. With this array of sizes, there is an option for every property with a dimension that will meet your specific requirements such as flow capacity, expected soil load in the planned trench, and the measurements of connecting pipes and equipment.

Sizes you will find in our online inventory include:

  • 4 Inch Sewer Pipe
  • 6 Inch Sewer Pipe
  • 8 Inch Sewer Pipe
  • 12 Inch Sewer Pipe
  • 15 Inch Sewer Pipe

Larger diameter gravity sewer pipes up to 36 inches are also available from different manufacturers and you can find them either on our website or we can order them for you. 

The length options for sewer pipes depend on the specific type of PVC pipe. Manufacturers produce sewer PVC pipes in lengths of 14 feet and 20 feet. D2729 pipe is generally available in 10 foot lengths. Since sewage pipes have thin walls and PVC can be easily cut with a power saw or handsaw in the field, you can cut all pipes to the correct length in the field. We also offer cutting services if needed.

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To also reduce work necessary in the field, SDR 35, SDR 25, PS 46, and PS 115 sewer pipes have varying installation options.

You can choose from:

  • Gasketed Sewer Pipe – An elastomeric gasket is set into the end of each pipe to create a leak-proof seal when two pipes are pushed together. The seal will hold for several decades and also provide physical flexibility that enables the seal to hold if the pipe shifts.
  • Solvent Weld Sewer Pipe – Solvent welded pipes use a PVC solvent to hold pipes together. You can apply this quick drying solvent in the field to create a durable seal between pipes and fittings.

Beyond the pipes themselves, you will also find a variety of sewer pipe fittings available on our site. Our PVC fittings and valves for sewer systems are made to be compatible with the variety of pipes we offer, so components include 3 inch sewer pipe fittings, 4 inch sewer pipe fittings, and more to cover all standard pipe dimensions.

Pipe Xpress Inc. – Your Partner in Sewer Pipe Needs

As a pipe supply company in West Chester, PA, Pipe Xpress is here to meet every piping need. We carry all of the sewer pipes and other PVC pipes, connectors, fittings, valves, and more you need to complete any kind of piping project. Our sewer pipes come from leading manufacturers like JM Eagle and meet a range of rigorous standards and quality control tests to guarantee their quality.

We are pipe suppliers for a range of industries, and know that every sewage project is different. That is why we take care to offer a wide range of sewer pipes and components. What we do not readily carry online or in our warehouse, we can often source for you from one of our manufacturers, making it possible for us to get the correct sewer pipe for your specific property or project.

But it is more than a comprehensive inventory that sets Pipe Xpress Inc. apart from other pipe supply companies. We have superior customer service from our focus on making sure every order is correct to our readiness to help with any questions you may have about PVC piping. We are experts in sewer pipes and PVC. Whether you have specific questions or want help in determining which options are best for your project, you can call us or send us a message at any time for one-on-one help with your piping needs.

 Our service also includes rapid delivery so that you have the necessary sewer pipes on hand and do not have to worry about delays in your project.

We offer:

  • National Delivery – We deliver our sewer pipes throughout the U.S., letting you get pipes at any job site. Our partners provide rapid delivery.
  • Local Delivery – For job sites near our headquarters, we provide delivery within 45 miles of West Chester. We bring sewer pipes directly to the site of your project so you can work without interruption.
  • Local Pickup – We also offer local pickup when you need pipes as quickly as possible. You can conveniently place your order online or give us a call and stop by our facility in West Chester to pick up pipes and accessories within hours.

Please browse our website where all of our extensive inventory of sewer pipes is available online so that you can quickly get started with your order. You can also contact us at (610) 918-7120 to find out more about the sewer pipes and other PVC piping products we sell and begin your order over the phone.