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PVC has quickly become the most popular and effective choice for residential and commercial piping. Here in the West Chester and Greater Philadelphia area, the number one choice for PVC pipe is Pipe Xpress Inc. 

We are a PVC pipe supply company that specializes in premium grade thermoplastic PVC pipe at contractor prices, available for pickup throughout the state and PVC pipe delivery within 45 miles of West Chester.

We encourage you to explore our entire inventory of PVC pipes.

You can start your order online right here on our website, or give us a call at 610-918-7120 to speak to one of our team members about the different sizes and options we have available. 

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About Our PVC Pipe

PVC is one of the most effective types of pipe available, and the only one that combines both versatility and durability. At Pipe Xpress Inc., our selection of PVC pipe is extensive, and covers all the different needs that may arise in your plumbing, landscaping, and other pipe projects.

As you explore our inventory, you’ll find:

  • Schedule 40 PVC Pipe – Our schedule 40 PVC pipe is appropriate for the majority of residential and commercial property projects. Our schedule 40 PVC pipe is rated for over 50+ years of continuous use in most low to medium pressure environments, and capable of easy install.  
  • Schedule 80 PVC Pipe – For those projects that expect to require increased pressure, our schedule 80 PVC pipes are often the best choice. Depending on the size of the pipe and the operating temperature, these pipes may be rated for as high as 500 PSI.
  • Flexible PVC Pipe – Many situations call for pipe that can fit around tough angles or spaces. Our flexible PVC pipe is equipped to do just that, fitting your piping around corners while providing the same durability as rigid PVC. Flexible PVC allows a simple installation without the need for connectors and can be used in place of or in addition to rigid Schedule 40 PVC.
  • SDR35 PVC Pipe – For sewage transport, our SDR 35 PVC pipe is the best investment you can make in a wastewater system. These are durable pipes with a flexibility and pressure rating that allows them to withstand the internal and external elements without leaking. Ring gasket connections seal pipes together without cement and sealants for a fast and straightforward installation.

We also carry a variety of CPVC pipe, pipe fittings, and valves, giving you every tool you need to finish the job. With this range of PVC pipes available, it is possible to find a solution to fit the needs at any type of property or for any type of service.

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Why Choose PVC Pipe

In recent years, the advantages of PVC have led to the thermoplastic pipe replacing other pipe materials in almost every industry.

Among the numerous benefits, PVC is:

  • High Strength – PVC has both a high compressive strength and high tensile strength. It will not crack, warp, or break under normal use conditions. The strength of PVC pipe also increases with the wall thickness, so that Schedule 80 PVC pipe can withstand even greater impacts. 
  • Non-Reactive – As an inert material, PVC does not react with the majority of chemicals, so it can safely convey materials that might degrade other pipes. The only exceptions are certain hydrocarbons, polar solvents, and aromatics.
  • Non-Corrosive – Minerals, especially those that underground pipes are exposed to, will not wear away at PVC over time. The plastic is also rust proof, contributing to its long lifespan wherever it is installed.
  • Lightweight – PVC pipes, especially those with narrower diameters, weigh a few pounds or less per square foot. This means that they are convenient to manipulate and install without requiring extensive manual labor or heavy equipment. The light weight also makes PVC more affordable to ship.
  • Easy to Install – You do not need special tools to install PVC, and joining separate pipes in a single layout requires only a fast drying sealant. The entire installation process can be completed quickly with limited manpower.
  • Affordable – Because PVC is easy to produce and install, it is among the most cost effective piping options without any reduction in versatility or quality. Schedule 40 pipe is the most affordable of the PVC options and sufficient in many applications, but Schedule 80, flexible pipe, and SDR 35 pipe is also affordably priced.
  • High Capacity – PVC has a smooth bore on the interior of the pipe that means fluids can flow unimpeded, resulting in a consistent, high capacity flow.

PVC Pipe Sizes Available

Our PVC pipe is sold in standard nominal sizes. These are roughly equivalent to the interior diameter of the pipe, although not exact. Instead, this standard sizing makes it easy to match existing pipe and fittings to complete a piping layout.

The exterior dimensions of PVC pipe will depend on whether it is Schedule 40, 80, or flexible PVC. The schedule refers to the thickness of the pipe walls, with the thicker Schedule 80 providing additional durability and pressure resistance. The thickness also increases as nominal size does so that the overall space taken up by a pipe can be up to an inch larger in diameter than the listed size.

We offer PVC pipe on our website in sizes including:

  • ½ inch
  • ¾ inch
  • 1 inch
  • 1 ½ inch
  • 2 inch
  • 3 inch
  • 4 inch
  • 5 inch
  • 6 inch
  • 8 inch
  • 10 inch
  • 12 inch
  • 14 inch

The specific sizes available can vary between pipe schedules and types. Our flexible PVC pipe ranges from ½” to 2”, while Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC pipe is available in nominal sizes up to 14”. SDR 35 is available in sizes between 4” and 15” in diameter.

Some manufacturers also make the different types of PVC pipe in a wider range of sizes. If you need a pipe size you do not find on our site, call our team and send us a message and we will work hard to find the specific piping you need.

In terms of length, piping comes in 5 foot, 10 foot, and 20 foot lengths for Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC. SDR 35 PVC is sold in lengths of 14 foot or 20 foot. Flexible PVC comes in roles of either 25, 50, or 100 feet. Cutting all types of PVC pipe to the required length is easy with a hacksaw or power saw, which can be quickly done on site during installation.

In addition to piping, we also sell PVC fittings to couple pipes. We have both Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 fittings so that the proper pressure rating and flow rate can be maintained throughout the system and an exact, waterproof connection – when sealed with PVC cement – is ensured.

Who We Work With

The versatility of PVC and range of different pipes we offer means that we have pipes available needed in almost every industry. PVC pipes can be installed on residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal properties. 

  • Builders and Contractors – At commercial and residential properties, PVC is an inexpensive and long lasting choice wherever pipes are needed for new construction and remodels.
  • Plumbers – Schedule 40 PVC pipe is becoming a standard for residential and commercial plumbing uses, replacing other pipe materials in water supply lines, draining, and other plumbing needs.
  • Pool and Spa Builders – For pools, spas, and hot tubs, PVC pipe provides a low cost installation of all pool plumbing with the capabilities to handle water, chlorine, and any other necessary chemicals. Flexible PVC in particular is becoming more popular among pool contractors.
  • Landscapers – Residential and commercial irrigation systems often use Schedule 40 PVC for the sprinkler mainlines. This is ideal at homes, businesses, golf courses, greenhouses, and more.
  • Agricultural Industry – PVC pipe can be used in large scale irrigation or to disperse fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides. These pipes also work to transport clean water and drinking water for animals in farming and zoological settings.
  • Water Treatment – At water and sewage treatment plants, PVC pipe can carry the water and also safely be used for chlorine injection systems and handle ferric and alum chlorides used in treatment.
  • Manufacturing – PVC pipes can be used for systems in food processing, paper processing, textile mills, fertilizer plants, and other manufacturing applications. It can also be used for chemical processing and waste removal in mining, refineries, metal working, and more.

As long as you install the correct type and size of pipe to handle water at the expected pressure and temperature, PVC piping can be used for essentially any purpose where piping is needed.

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Fast Local and Nationwide Delivery for PVC Pipe

Pipe Xpress is a pipe supply company based in West Chester, PA supplying PVC pipes to all types of industries since 2001. Our focus is in compiling a varied inventory of PVC pipe designed to suit any need and from suppliers known for their dependable quality like JM Eagle and Spears Manufacturing.

Our nationwide delivery gets any PVC pipe to your worksite within days of your purchase order so that a project remains on track. The fast shipping is made possible throughout our relationship with PVC manufacturers who ship PVC pipe directly from their warehouse to you.

We also offer local delivery within 45 miles of West Chester. For our customers in Philadelphia, Downingtown, Camden, Wilmington, and other nearby areas, our personal delivery is the fastest and most convenient way to get the piping you need.

In addition to timeliness, we know accuracy is as important when ordering PVC pipe and related materials, especially when there are so many options that cannot be substituted for one another without risking safety and efficiency. Our team checks each order so that we can be sure we are sending you the correct pipe, size, and quantity.

Our website makes it simple to order the PVC pipes you need, but our team at Pipe Xpress is also here to provide assistance should you need it. We can help you select the right piping for your needs, answer questions about any of the PVC pipes in our extensive inventory, or provide a quote for special orders.

Contact us at 610-918-7120 or browse our website to learn more about PVC pipe options.