Flexible PVC Pipe Spa-Flex® Pool & Spa Hose

Flexible PVC Pipe | Spa-Flex® Pool & Spa Hose from Pipe Xpress Inc.

Strong and versatile, PVC is one of the most frequently used materials for transporting liquids. But few PVC pipes have the true ease and versatility of flexible PVC pipe: Spa-Flex® Pool & Spa Hose. Unlike rigid pipes, a flexible pipe does not require a connector to make a sharp turn. Instead, it can be bent into the needed shape and installed into places where rigid pipes and connectors won’t fit.

Flexible PVC pipe provides convenience with all the benefits of traditional PVC. At Pipe Xpress Inc., we have the flex pipe to fit every project with a range of sizes and options. Whether you need a solution for a tight corner in your plumbing layout or are looking for a simpler installation, our flexible PVC fits a diverse range of uses.

Pipe Xpress Inc. is based in West Chester, and offers both pickup and delivery, serving customers across the Greater Philadelphia region. Outside of our service area, we are able to ship PVC pipes and accessories throughout the continental United States.

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