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Flexible, Perforated PVC Drainage Pipe and More from Pipe Xpress Inc.

Whether you are building a residential rainwater system or creating something to remove industrial waste left over from manufacturing, you need a drainage system you can rely on. A PVC drainage pipe is efficient, effective, and will last for years when used in almost any system.

There is also a wide variety of drainage pipes available to meet the needs of every project, and we provide them all at Pipe Xpress Inc. Based in West Chester, PA and serving national industries across the U.S. through our online store, we are a leading supplier of drainage pipes throughout the continental United States and locally here in the Greater Philadelphia region.

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About Our PVC Drainage Pipe at Drain Pipe Xpress Inc.

Drainage pipes, manufactured from thermoplastics (PVC), are ideal for gravity drainage systems, where a gentle slope enables gravity to complete the work of directing wastewater or rainwater to central collection points. Because drainage systems fulfill an extensive variety of uses at residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal properties, there are several pipes that may meet your needs.

Here on the Pipe Xpress website, our range of drainage pipes includes:

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PVC Drainage Pipe

Schedule 20 and Schedule 40 PVC pipe are a good rigid pipe for low pressure drainage. They can withstand limited physical impact.

HDPE Corrugated Drainage Pipe

High density polyethylene corrugated pipes are available as single wall flexible drainage pipes that you can manipulate into different angles. These are a popular pipe for landscape drainage. Dual wall HDPE corrugated pipe uses a corrugated outside layer and a smooth interior wall to provide efficient drainage for storm sewers.

SDR 35 PVC Pipe

More commonly used as sewer pipe, SDR 35 pipe is a rigid PVC that is more durable and impact resistant than Schedule 20 or Schedule 40 pipe.

Perforated Drainage Pipe

An option for both PVC and corrugated drain pipe, perforated pipe has holes along the top of the pipe to enable water to enter. Perforated pipe is most often used in French drains.

Each of the different types of drainage pipes fulfills different purposes. Some are adapted for indoor drainage or outdoor drainage. Their strength – in terms of the capacity, pressure of fluid, and resistance to impact – also varies by style of pipe.

When planning your drainage system or replacing an existing system, it is important to know how much fluid will flow through it, if any external pressures will be applied in the chosen location, and if the pipe is likely to carry debris in addition to fluid. These factors, in combination with your budget and expectations for service life, are necessary for choosing the type of drainage pipe to use in your project.

Some systems may use multiple varieties of pipe. Many, such as rigid PVC and SDR 35, join with standard connectors, making it possible to optimize your system for strength or affordability.

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Industries Using Our Drainage Pipes

Any property where water is present will also require a drainage system.

Indoor Drainage

Some pipes are used for indoor drainage, particularly plumbing and sewage at residential and commercial properties. Many industrial properties also produce industrial waste that needs to be reliably transported to a disposal site.

Outdoor Drainage

Some pipes are used for outdoor drainage. Whether from rain, snow, or irrigation systems, excess water can cause damage when left on lawns, sidewalks, and roadways in addition to potentially being dangerous in some situations. Drains help route the water away rather than letting it collect above or below ground.

Almost every property will use drainage pipes in some fashion, but the industries we most often supply include:


At both residential and commercial properties, our pipes can provide drainage alongside French drains, channel drains, surface drains, and more.


Sewage pipes are another necessity for drainage at properties so we also provide pipes, fittings, and valves to developers and contractors.

Storm Drainage

Usually built on commercial or municipal properties, storm sewers help drain water away from roadways and sidewalks. We have HDPE pipes with the capacity to handle large scale drainage.

PVC pipes are the pipe of choice for drainage whether you are laying a new drainage system or replacing an older one. We offer solutions that will fit with any existing elements of a current system.

Advantages of PVC Pipe and Corrugated Plastic in Drainage

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Pipe Xpress Inc. offers many types of piping, but specializes in PVC pipes and other plastic pipes.  While non-plastic materials like concrete or older metal drainage systems do exist, PVC and HDPE corrugated pipes are a more effective, more affordable, and longer lasting solution.

They are also:


Plastic does not rust or degrade over time through contact with minerals in the soil. This is especially important for drainage pipes that are most often buried underground.

Weather Resistant

For those pipes exposed to sunlight and other exterior elements, the UV rays and rain will not impact their functionality.


With PVC and corrugated plastic weighing only a few pounds per foot on average, each pipe can be easily transported or installed by a single person or, in some cases, a small team.


Plastic piping is among one of the most affordable options for piping materials. In addition to its low product costs, its light weight makes it cost effective to ship and install as well.

It’s also possible to choose between rigid and flexible pipe, each with its own advantages. Rigid PVC pipes are stronger than single wall corrugated plastic pipes and have a more efficient flow due to the smooth interior. This makes it less likely to clog. The rigidity means the pipe is unlikely to develop low points that might collect water.

Conversely, flexible drainage pipe is easier to install. You can curve it around bends at any angle. With lengths of 100 feet or more, you can run a single pipe over an extensive distance, turning where necessary. When you do need a connection to another section or branching pipe, corrugated pipe does not require glue to create a waterproof seal. Single wall corrugated pipe also costs less than PVC although you can purchase both at fair prices from Pipe Xpress.

Drain Pipe Sizing and Pipe Fittings Available on Our Website

The dimensions of drainage pipes vary widely depending on the type of piping. For every variety, we sell pipes at various thicknesses and lengths.

Our Schedule 20, Schedule 40, French drain, and SDR 35 rigid PVC drainage pipes are available in diameters ranging from ½ inch up to 14 inches and lengths between 5 feet and 20 feet depending on the type of pipe. We can cut pipe for you in house, but one of the advantages of PVC is that pipe cutting can take place on location as well, using only a saw.

For flexible corrugated drainage pipes, we carry 3-inch, 4-inch, or 6-inch corrugated drainage pipe in coils of:

  • 10 feet
  • 50 feet
  • 100 feet
  • 250 feet

Our HDPE dual wall drainage pipe comes in lengths of 20 feet and diameters of:

  • 4 inch
  • 6 inch
  • 8 inch
  • 10 inch
  • 12 inch
  • 15 inch
  • 18 inch
  • 24 inch
  • 36 inch

Even if you do not find drainage pipe in the specific dimensions you need on your website, we recommend calling our team. Our partnerships with pipe manufacturers make it possible for us to special order pipes with less commonly used dimensions or help you find an alternative that meets your particular needs.

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Why Purchase Your Pipes from Pipe Xpress?

Pipe Xpress Inc.sewer and drain pipe has specialized in plastic and PVC pipes since 2001. During that time, we have built a vast inventory of PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, CPVC pipes, and more, including the fittings, valves, and tools necessary to complete any piping project.

We source our pipes and fittings for drainage from suppliers like Zurn, JM Eagle, and Spears Manufacturing. Each of these companies engineers pipes of reliable quality that meet all ASTM materials standards for PVC, polyethylene, and wastewater conveyance.

In addition to the high quality of products in our inventory, Pipe Xpress Inc. also works to meet the needs of every industry with:

Extensive Options for your plumbing requirement

Every drainage system has different requirements, which is why we sell such an extensive array of pipes and the necessary components. We want to be able to meet all your piping needs in one place regardless of the type of property or scope of the project.

Affordable Prices and access to all

The pipes we choose for our inventory are fairly priced without sacrificing any quality, and by working directly with both the manufacturers and our customers, we are able to keep those prices low.

Personalized Service

With so many options for drainage pipes, it can be difficult to know which pipe and which size will work best for your needs. We know the pros, cons, and intended usage of every pipe and will gladly take the time to help you determine which is best for your situation.

Local On-Site Delivery

Our personalized service also includes local delivery within 45 miles of West Chester, PA for those based or working in the area. While we can ship pipes anywhere nationwide, our fast, local, on-site delivery offers extra convenience to those in the greater Philadelphia area in terms of getting pipes in less time.

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We are happy to talk more about your project or specific drainage needs with you, and share our own recommendations regarding pipes if needed. We have extensive knowledge of all of the pipes and fittings we carry, as well as other products in the piping industry, many of which we can acquire if we do not already offer them.

Look through our website, send us a message via the online form, or call us at (610)-918-7120 to start your order or find out more about our PVC drainage pipe.