1 1/2 Flexible PVC Pipe Spa-Flex® Pool & Spa Hose

1 1/2 Flexible PVC Pipe Spa-Flex® Pool & Spa Hose And How They Work

A 1 1/2 flexible PVC pipe is often chosen because of their flexibility and durability. Flexible PVC pipes have been used for plumbing for many years.

Flexible PVC pipes are made from a soft, pliable plastic that is easily cut to size and shape. The pipe is then joined together with solvent cement or PVC glue to form a watertight seal.

The flexible PVC tubing is also often used in conjunction with rigid PVC piping because it can be bent around corners without the need for barbed fittings or valves.

Flexible PVC pipes are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. They can be found in everything from small residential homes to large commercial buildings like hospitals and schools.

outside diameter of schedule 40 pipe