2 X 2-1/2


Vendor: A.Y. McDonald MFG Co

Variant SKU: 0032:B87-25

Tags: 0032, 2 inch, Brass Threaded Valves and Fittings, General Contractors, Nipples
Pipe Distributor Name: Pipe Xpress Inc or PXI
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Introducing the 2 X 2-1/2" BRASS NIPPLE TBE, a high-quality plumbing accessory brought to you by Pipe Xpress Inc (PXI), your trusted pipe distributor. Crafted by renowned manufacturer A.Y. McDonald MFG Co, this durable brass nipple ensures reliable connectivity and optimal performance for your plumbing needs. With a size of 2 X 2-1/2 inches, this brass nipple is designed to fit various pipe fittings securely, offering a hassle-free installation process. Constructed from premium brass material, this nipple guarantees exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion, contributing to its long-lasting durability. Whether you're undertaking a professional plumbing project or a DIY endeavor, the 2 X 2-1/2" BRASS NIPPLE TBE exceeds expectations with its superior craftsmanship. Its precision-engineered threads ensure a tight seal, preventing leaks and ensuring a smooth flow of water or other fluids. Versatile and efficient, this nipple is suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Be it for connecting pipes, valves, or pumps, this reliable brass nipple enables you to achieve tight and secure connections, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted plumbing operation. Trust Pipe Xpress Inc (PXI), your leading pipe distributor, to provide you with this premium-quality 2 X 2-1/2" BRASS NIPPLE TBE from A.Y. McDonald MFG Co. Experience the convenience and dependability that this top-notch plumbing accessory brings to your projects.