Vendor: Bramec

Variant SKU: 0040:BRUSH2

Call for Pricing: 610-918-7120

Tags: 0040, Tools
Pipe Distributor Name: Pipe Xpress Inc or PXI
Taxable: 1


Introducing the 2 Wide Applicator Brush by Pipe Xpress Inc (PXI), proudly distributed by Bramec. This high-quality brush is the perfect tool for any painting or coating project. Whether you are a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, this versatile brush is designed to simplify your work and deliver outstanding results. Featuring a 2-inch width, this brush provides a wide and even coverage, allowing you to apply paints, varnishes, or stains effortlessly. The bristles are made from durable synthetic materials that are specifically chosen for their ability to hold and distribute coatings uniformly. This ensures smooth and professional-looking finishes every time. The ergonomic design of the brush handle guarantees a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue and allowing for extended periods of use without any compromise in performance. The sturdy construction of the brush ensures its longevity, making it a reliable tool that will serve you for numerous projects to come. The 2 Wide Applicator Brush is a must-have tool for various applications, whether you are painting walls, furniture, or other surfaces. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile choice for any project. Choose quality, choose reliability, choose the 2 Wide Applicator Brush by PXI, distributed by Bramec. Experience the difference in your painting endeavors and achieve professional-grade results with ease and efficiency.