Vendor: Spears

Variant SKU: 0028:1401-10

Tags: 0028, 1 inch, Fittings, General Contractors, Insert, PVC, Tees
Pipe Distributor Name: Pipe Xpress Inc or PXI
Taxable: 1


Introducing the 1 PVC INSERT TEE, a top-quality plumbing accessory brought to you by Pipe Xpress Inc (PXI) in collaboration with renowned vendor, Spears. This product is designed to revolutionize your plumbing system with its exceptional durability and functionality. Crafted from high-quality PVC material, this PVC INSERT TEE offers excellent resistance against corrosion, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance. Its sturdy construction guarantees optimum support and stability, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial plumbing applications. With its innovative design, this PVC INSERT TEE allows for easy installation and seamless connectivity. Its precise measurements and standardized dimensions ensure a secure fit, enhancing the overall efficiency of your plumbing system. Whether you are repairing an existing pipeline or installing a new one, this product offers a hassle-free solution. The PVC INSERT TEE is engineered to withstand the test of time, making it a cost-effective investment for any plumbing project. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring its reliability in both hot and cold water applications. This product also boasts exceptional resistance against chemicals and other corrosive substances, further enhancing its longevity. When it comes to quality and performance, there's no compromising with PXI and Spears. Backed by their extensive experience and expertise, this PVC INSERT TEE meets and exceeds industry standards, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your plumbing system. Upgrade your plumbing setup with the 1 PVC INSERT TEE from PXI and Spears. Ensure seamless connectivity, superior durability, and unmatched performance in every plumbing project. Trust the industry leader and experience the difference today!