1-1/2 PVC S80 90 ELL TXT

Vendor: Spears

Variant SKU: 0015:808-15

Call for Pricing: 610-918-7120

Tags: 0015, 1 1/2 inch, Elbows, Fittings, General Contractors, industrial, pools, PVC, Schedule 80
Pipe Distributor Name: Pipe Xpress Inc or PXI
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1-1/2 PVC S80 90 ELL  TXT

1-1/2 PVC S80 90 ELL TXT

Introducing the 1-1/2 PVC S80 90 ELL TXT, a high-quality piping solution brought to you by Pipe Xpress Inc (PXI) in collaboration with Spears, a leading vendor in the industry. The 1-1/2 PVC S80 90 ELL TXT is a versatile product designed for a variety of plumbing and construction applications. Made from durable PVC material, this elbow fitting offers exceptional strength and resilience to withstand high-pressure conditions. With a 90-degree angle, this pipe fitting allows for smooth and secure turns in piping systems, ensuring efficient flow and minimizing the risk of clogs or leaks. Its threaded texture (TXT) guarantees a secure connection, offering peace of mind and minimizing the need for maintenance or repairs. The 1-1/2 PVC S80 90 ELL TXT is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring precision and consistency in its dimensions. This product is compatible with a range of PVC pipes and fittings, making it a versatile choice for both DIY projects and professional installations. Whether you are working on residential or commercial plumbing systems, the 1-1/2 PVC S80 90 ELL TXT offers a reliable and durable solution. Trust Pipe Xpress Inc (PXI) and Spears to provide you with top-notch products that meet your expectations of quality and performance. Upgrade your piping system with the 1-1/2 PVC S80 90 ELL TXT and experience the peace of mind that comes from using a trusted and reliable pipe fitting.