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Pipe Xpress Inc. is the leading distributor of thermoplastic pipe products used in commercial, industrial, residential, and utility operations.

Based in West Chester, PA, we serve both local and nationwide clients with competitive costs, fast delivery, and a wide range of the best available pipe products. 

For PVC, CPVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and more, trust the team at Pipe Xpress to provide the pipes, valves, and fittings that your project needs. 

Pipe Xpress - Thermoplastic Pipe Orders and Delivery

Industry Leading Innovation - Outstanding Service and Support

Pipes are the most important part of any building. The right pipes and fittings keep every part of the building operational, from the septic tank to the electricity to the internet access. Pipe Xpress Inc. has 20 years of experience supplying only the best plastic pipes available on the market today to those that need them, taking on any size purchase both large and small to better serve our client’s needs.

We make it possible to buy pipes online, directly through our eCommerce platform. For those that need additional support, our team is available at (610)-918-7120 for a free quote or to discuss your piping needs.We have pipe delivery services within 45 miles of our warehouse in WestChester, serving customers in Philadelphia, Downingtown, and as far away as Camden, NJ. We also have fast shipping options available throughout the continental United States.

Browse our products below, or let us know what you need by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

Types of Products We Offer

Pipe Xpress has every thermoplastic pipe solution available to address the needs of the building or project.  We are your one stop source for any and all pipe related components, including – but not limited to:

Pipes – We have PVC pipes, CPVC pipes, HDPE Corrugated pipes, Polypropylene pipes, Polyethylene pipes, and even copper pipes and tubing when needed.

Valves – We offer 2 way valves, gate valves, Jandy check valves, butterfly valves, and all the other valves you require for your project’s completion, in the material you need.

Fittings – Within PVC, CPVC, and more, we have waste fittings, barbed fittings, fittings for copper tubes, compression fittings, plumbing fittings, and a host of others, all available for immediate purchase.

… And More – Our pipe products do not end at pipes and fittings. Through our online shop, you can purchase tanks, geotextiles, pumps, drainage products, flexible tubing and hoses, bar stock, and so much more.

We encourage you to browse through our store, and buy the pipe products you need. Should you have questions or need someone to help you with our order, you are always welcome to contact us and we’ll work with you to get the details of your project and make sure that your needs are met.

Industries Serviced

Pipes are versatile products, required for every property and many different types of projects. It’s why our team at Pipe Xpress Inc. offers a wide selection of options for essentially any type of pipe related need. It’s why we are the leading choice for pipe purchases across the United States. Our customers come to us for a variety of reasons, including:

• Commercial Pipe Sales and Distribution: The size and layouts of commercial properties often require significant amounts of piping. We have the ability to handle a high volume of pipe orders, specific to the requirements of the property. Our access to the highest quality commercial piping at competitive prices mean that you can order all the PVC, CPVC, and more that your project needs directly from our inventory.

If the project is within 45 miles of our home base in West Chester, PA, including Philadelphia, Camden, NJ, and other nearby cities, we can also arrange fast delivery to keep your project moving.

• Industrial Pipe Sales and Distribution: Within the industrial field, the choices in pipe are designed around expected waste production, water usage, and more – often spread out throughout large buildings. Whether you need a small amount of pipe to fix up your space or a large order to cover a complete replacement, we have the items you need in the quantity you need it, shipped or delivered right to your door anywhere in the continental US.

• Residential Pipe Sales and Distribution: Every homeowner depends on long lasting, reliable piping for their property value, safety, and to avoid expensive repairs over time. Developers and contractors are tasked with meeting those needs at affordable costs. Pipe Xpress helps deliver both, with the low costs that developers love and high quality piping that meets the needs of residential properties, from individual homes to apartments, condos, and multi-property developments.

• Utility Pipe Sales and Distribution: Many of our pipes are used by both municipal services and by private utility companies. With pipes of all different sizes, we have solutions available that can be used for everything from cable wires to sewer systems, all available with the additional valves, fittings, and other products that the project needs to be completed on time and on budget.

Who We Work With

Because we carry everything from PVC to corrugated storm pipes to polypropylene acid waste systems, we’re able to provide piping, ducts, and more for essentially any purpose – sewers, landfills, water systems, cables, and more. It is because we have these different pipe options that we are the leading choice for many different types of businesses and contractors.

We work with:

  • Electricians:  We offer electrical conduit piping, made with PVC and other materials, of many different sizes, with different schedules and fittings available as needed for your project.
  • Contractors: Contractors of all backgrounds may find themselves in need of specific types of pipes fast. Locally, we can deliver pipe within days, not weeks, and our shipping is some of the fastest in the business, from us or directly from the manufacturer.
  • Builders: Obtaining all the pipes that your project needs, whether you’re building a single commercial or residential property, or a large development, we will have the pipe you need as soon as possible.
  • Landscapers: Finding the right landscape pipes at an affordable cost is important for both the landscaper and the client, both of whom need to save money while still obtaining the pipes they require. We have a wide selection of pipes available that meet these needs.
  • Plumbers: Most of our clients are plumbers, working on both small projects and those that require a complete re-piping of a home. With so many homes needing to replace aging pipes or going through remodels, access to our plumbing inventory can help complete the project fast.

Brands You Can Trust

Part of ensuring that our customers have the best possible pipes for their project needs is to make sure that we only work with the best pipe manufacturers in the industry. We thoroughly vet each and every one for the quality of their products, the value, their inventory and shipping logistics, and the guarantees that come with their items. It’s why we currently offer the following pipe makers:

Spears Manufacturing – Spears specializes in fittings, and makes PVC, CPVC, and DWV products in multiple sizes for essentially any project. They’re also highly regarded for their shipping times, as they have multiple locations across the country. This allows them to ship their fittings often within 1 or 2 days. With actuated valves, expansion joints, ducts, flame guard products, and many others, their selections of fittings meet the needs of even the most challenging pipe setups.

Zurn – Zurn makes pipes, tubings and fittings, also across a range of industries. They have water control valves, trench drainage systems, PEX (cross linked polyethylene), and even finish plumbing like faucets and hand wash stations, all of which are of outstanding quality so that your project fits all together.

JM Eagle – JM Eagle is one of the most well known manufacturers in plastic and PVC piping, and makes pipes of all sizes for water, sewer, gas, irrigation/agriculture, electrical, communications, and storm drainage. Because they are such a highly regarded manufacturer, their products are available across the United States for fast shipping when needed, and we are able to deliver enough for any size project in the local West Chester and Philadelphia area.

Who We Are - Pipe Xpress Inc. in West Chester, PA

When we decided to start Pipe Xpress 20 years ago, we did so because in our experience there was a disconnect between what people needed (pipes, fittings, valves, and more) and the companies that would supply it to them.

Founded in 2001 by our president Sean Redfern, Pipe Xpress Inc. combines not only a wide selection that makes it easier to order, but also the expertise that comes from working with our experienced team. You can call us at any time and work with one of our team members on finding you the right products that are appropriate for your project, and once you’ve made your purchase order, we will work as hard as we can to ensure that you receive the products in an accurate count and in the fastest possible time.